Ants are a pesky pest, especially during the Summer for residents in the Geneva IL  and surrounding suburbs of Chicago. Since the Winters are usually a bit frigged here in the Midwest, ants tend to stay under during the cooler months and then come out in full force when the weather is more optimal.


Ants in the house can mean a world of annoyance for you and your family. They bite your kids, swarm your garbage, make unsightly trails through your kitchen and they can even cause structural damage to your home if they are wood eating ants. Though ants typically don’t carry any major threat to your health, they can still ruin your summer and make for an unpleasant living environment. If you want to get rid of ants in an eco-friendly way, simply call up your Geneva pest control experts at EcoShield and we’ll get those buggers taken care of for you. Our Geneva office services many surrounding Chicago cities including pest control in St Charles, Batavia, Elgin, Bartlett, Aurora, Naperville, West Chicago, Algonquin and Crystal Lake.


If you’re one of those that doesn’t think they need pest control, just take a look at some of the following images and maybe you’ll change your mind.