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    YP Customers in Corona
    Date Published: 04/22/2013
    Aggregate Ratings for Ecoshield Pest Control in Corona CA. Selected quote: EcoShield has been great. My tech...Read More »

    Eco Shield in San Antonio TX

    Thumbs up for the Eco Shield Pest Control team in San Antonio Texas!  Five Stars on Yelp!!

    The Yelp review for Eco Shield Pest Control is found here:

    Here are some of the additional five...Read More »

    Is Pest Control Really Necessary Year Round?

    Everyone knows how bothersome home pests can be during those pleasant picnic and bbq times of the year. But what about when we humans are huddled inside keeping warm? Surely there can’t be a need to control those same pests during these cold months, can there? After all,...Read More »

    Happy New Year

    Well, the world did not come to an end and we didn’t go off the fiscal cliff last year, so there’s much to be optimistic about again this coming year!  And that includes getting rid of pesky bugs that invade our living spaces.

    Although we would probably not put...Read More »

    Exterminate Hunger

    For all our customers, employees, and owners who participate in the Exterminate Hunger campaign,  it’s the best gift we can give to American’s in the communities we serve.

    If you have not yet made a food donation, please do so if you can.   Even if you can’t make...Read More »

    Mouse Prevention: How to Mouse Proof Your Home

    No one wants critters in their home and no critter is more despised than a house mouse. Some would say they are better dead than alive, however, at EcoShield we think everyone can agree that mice-free is the way to be. There are many ways to...Read More »

    Checklist Review for Winter Pests

    At EcoShield Pest Control, we care about your home.  Protect your investment from autumn invaders by using our Overwintering Pest Checklist.

    Pest Control Winter Recommendations

    Over the next couple of months, we should be preparing for what are known as “Overwintering Pests” in our area. Insects will overwinter as adults,...Read More »

    Eco Shield Gets Four Stars

    We never know what our customers are going to say, but here’s a practical review from Yelp rating Eco Shield with four stars.  Here’s a couple of quotes for the Yelp review:

    “The pricing is very good/fair & the terms are clearly spelled out. Also, the company has a...Read More »

    Littleton Colorado in the Pest Control News

    Congratulation to the Littleton Colorado team this year.  Your in the news for the new location.

    The Eco Shield press release went out on August ( Eco Shield Pest Control Open New Location in Denver Colorado ).

    The article got coverage across the country, but...Read More »

    Corona CA Review

    Here’s one of the nicest and most sincere reviews we’ve had this summer.  We all know what it’s like to buy without really knowing who the company is.  Kari of Highland CA did just that.  And, in-spite of the what she feared might happen, she found that Eco Shield Pest...Read More »

    Customer Reviews on our Techs

    This handwritten note says it all about what we are trying to achieve for customer reviews:

    “Randy was terrific! Thanks for sending him!!”


    ...Read More »

    Ants in the House

    Ants are a pesky pest, especially during the Summer for residents in the Geneva IL  and surrounding suburbs of Chicago. Since the Winters are usually a bit frigged here in the Midwest, ants tend to stay under during the cooler months and then come out in full force...Read More »

    Customer Reviews

    With summer heating up, our pest control reviews keep coming in!  We hate to brag, but ok, we will.

    Here are a few unsolicited customer comments on our services from across the country.  Of course, customer service starts with great field people who deserve the credit for these remarks.

    Customer Reviews

    “Dependable and responsive”

    Read More »

    Prepare Now for More Mosquitoes this Summer

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there is going to be an abnormal amount of mosquitoes out pestering families and their households this summer. Many Northeast Illinois cities have already reported an elevated number of mosquitoes this summer. A mild winter...Read More »

    Ants Don’t Tan, They Burn

    At least it’s an educated guess. Warm weather means fun in the sun for friends and families. It also means ants are on the move, and they are not always the outdoorsy type. As the thermometer rises, so does ant activity inside your home. Ants have a...Read More »

    SheKnows TV Homergency

    This review is a gem from the producer of Homergency at SheKnows TV.  It sounds like the show will be aired in June.

    Thanks to Ganes, Matt and his team for making this happen!

    The Homergency can be found at

    Hi Ganes,

    Now that the dust has finally...Read More »

    Press Release

    Company Update on New Website

    Spring has been a busy time for us in more ways than just killing bugs.  We’ve been busy on the internet updating our websites, adding Facebook and LinkedIn pages, as well as making sure people can not only find us on the web, but...Read More »

    Community Engagement and Giving Back

    Here’s the unedited review we received from a project we worked on with the help of Ganes, one of our owners. It’s an incredible review and makes us all proud of who we work for. See the review below:

    Dear Ganes,

    David and I just wanted to express our sincere...Read More »

    Facebook for Pest Control Reviews and More

    We’re up on Facebook!  Like most companies, we decided to add a Facebook page to our online presence.   Of course, you can do all the usually things on Facebook, like follow us, make posts about everything from pest control to customer reviews.

    The really great things about having our...Read More »

    Reviews Getting Better

    The BBB Review – Our Grades Are Getting Better

    We hate to brag, but when your good grades from the BBB get better, then it’s time to “tell your Mama!”

    The BBB review website snapshot is shown on the left, and the review gives us an “A”.

    Hard work and accountability to...Read More »

    Great BBB Review

    Eco Shield Pest Control Gets an A- From BBB

    It’s great to see that Better Business Bureau has rewarded us with an A-!

    Lots of hard work went into this, so thanks to all for your going the extra mile and being accountable.

    Thanks most of all to our customers...Read More »

    Welcome to our new site!

    We have updated our website.  We hope that it is helpful to you.

    ...Read More »

    Clear your Calendars- It’s National Pest Management Month!

    It’s holiday time. Christmas happened so long ago that you just shipped off your last ‘thank-you’ card and your neighbor finally took down his festive lights that not-so-tastefully made the street look like a burgeoning Las Vegas. Valentine’s Day is so far removed that you finally have been...Read More »